Skateboards | Henrietta moved to Manly in 2019 to open a skate shop that offers a variety of quality skateboards and skateboard parts to the local skaters on Sydney's Northern Beaches. She got the idea while sun baking on Manly beach. She said to her self "what if I had a skate shop... a skate shop that had cool and exciting brands... a skate shop that only had the best skateboard brands and good quality products so kids, adults whatever... doesn't matter.... just a place to buy skateboards, skateboard trucks and skateboard wheels that you can trust.” After rinsing off, Henrietta packed her bags, got on her longboard, and skated into Manly to set up a skate shop that supports the community and promotes a brighter future for skateboarding.

Skate Pads and Skate Helmets | When Henrietta skated into Manly on that historic day in 2019 to build her skate shop empire, she hit a rock on her skateboard and broke both of her wrists. Unable to basically do anything, but unable to quell her desire to bomb hills and chuck no complies in her Adidas track suit, she realised that maybe… pads are cool? She realised that maybe pads were always cool? And that if you want to skate everyday the best thing you should do is chuck on a skate helmet and some skateboard protective gear before hitting the skate park. Due to the limiting nature of having no hands – and the now awkward relationship Henrietta has with the house mate she met in the Manly Daily – her skate shop offers a range of the best skateboard protective gear, to make sure no one else has to double cast it and feel uncool.

Vintage Clothes | When Henrietta opened her skate shop in Manly she was determined to make it a unique and interesting store, and to her that meant stocking a range of vintage clothing. Even though Henrietta has been rocking Nike wind breakers and Harley Davidson t shirts since the 90’s, she thought it would be cool to see people at Manly skate park mixing up their style. She wanted to see skateboarders all wearing unique, one of a kind vintage clothes instead of having four people skate past her in the same Santa Cruz hoodie. Be a part of Henrietta's dream and cruise down to her skate and vintage store in Manly where she sells vintage Adidas, Nike, Polo Ralph Lauren, Disney, Tommy Hilfiger, Umbero and Harley Davidson.

Events | Henrietta loves to party. Henrietta also loves to help her community and keep Manly a creative and interesting place. That's why Henrietta works hard on organising a range of events including art exhibitions, skateboard competitions, art classes for kids, skateboard lessons, gigs and parties to ensure Sydney's Northern Beaches never gets stale. Her first event took place inside her skate shop on the 11th of July 2019. It was an art exhibition featuring artists Alana Beveridge, Hayley Catherine, Rad Max Who and Imogen Ivy, and brought a bunch of good people together for a good night of arts and culture. For more information on upcoming events check our Sydney Events Page or follow us on Facebook and Instagram.