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Skate | Henrietta skates so you know, she knows, that you know, that she's got heaps of skateboards. She has a large selection of longboards, skateboard decks, skateboard trucks, skateboard completes, skateboard bearings and skate hardware so shes always going to have what you need whether your a little kid or big kid. Henrietta also focuses on having only the best quality of products in her skate shop in Manly so you can get the best performance out of your skateboard. 

Skateboards For Beginners | The first thing to take of note of when picking your first skateboard is what type of skating do you want ot do in the future. If you have been inspired by watching people shredding around Mona Vale skatepark than you want to get yourself a trick board where as if you want to cruise along Manly beach and catch a sunset grab yourself a cruiser or longboard. Henrietta 's skate shop in Manly also self surf skate skateboards which are ideal for surf training. Once you have picked your style then if you follow a few rules you should get a skateboard perfect for you. Rule 1. The bigger the skateboard the easier the skate. Rule 2. The bigger the skateboard wheel the faster you go. Rule 3. If you don't have a trick skateboard don't go to the skatepark because its not safe for yourself or others.

Skateboard Trucks | Henrietta only sells good quality trucks at Henrietta Skate because they are the longest lasting part of your skateboard. If you invest in a good set of trucks they can last you a life time without having to replace them. Most of the trucks Henrietta sells are designed for tricks and are either Independent or Thunder branded. However she also stocks at her skate shop long board, penny and surf skate trucks for those wanting a smoother better carving skate. 

Skateboard Wheels | Normally trick skateboards have big soft wheels that allow you to bump of cracks in the pavement and in general have a smoother and more enjoyable skate. The downside to a cruiser wheel is that they are often higher off the ground raising your center of gravity and are stickier making them more difficult to slide. When you pick your skateboard wheel also keep in mind that the bigger your wheel the faster but further from the ground you will be. That is why trick skateboards normally have a small hard wheel making them stable and good for sliding.

Skateboard Bearings | Without bearing you won't be getting very far on your skateboard. Skate bearings are round stainless steel parts that allow your wheels to rotate around your truck. It is often considered that the better quality your bearing the faster you will go. That is true assuming you are using the same quality of wheel. If you are value driven Henrietta recommends a chinese stainless steel bearing however if you want to go faster for longer it might be worth getting a Swiss or ceramic set of bearings. Come down to Henrietta's in Manly to ghet some advice from a professional.

Skateboard Decks | Skateboard deck sizing is normally based off personal preference however Henrietta has noticed some trends that might help you work out what size works for you. Firstly the wider your board is the more stable it will be and normally really wide decks are designed for cruising or park skaters. A narrower board will be lighter and easier to flip. If you are looking for a skateboard deck for a kid under 5 yo we recommend a mini skateboard, a child under 10 a full sized board 7.5"-8" wide a teenager or adult 8.25" wide and anyone with a size 11 foot or bigger to be on an 8.5" or wider deck.

Brands Henrietta Loves | Passport, Anti-Hero, WKND, Santa Cruz, Thunder, Independent, Spitfire, Bones and much much more.