Skateboard Bearings


Skateboard Bearings | A good skateboard bearing will allow you to have a faster and smoother ride than a bearing of inferior quality. There are three main types of skateboard bearings that Henrietta sells. She sells (by the sea shore) at her skate shop in Manly, stainless steel, ceramic and Swiss made bearings. Ceramic bearings are the longest lasting bearings and can handle higher heats with less fiction, are more weather resistant and go faster than the same bearing made out of stainless steel. Swiss made skateboard bearings are made with the up most precision allowing you to roll faster than their Chinese made counterparts. Stainless steel bearings are what the skateboard industry was built on. Chinese steel bearings are great value and suit most skateboards because of that.

Recommendations for Skateboard Beginners | Henrietta recommends getting a cheap set of stainless steel bearings for beginner skateboarders. Skateboard bearings are normally the fastest wearing part of your skateboard especially if they get left in the rain or spend a lot of time near the beach like we do here at our skate shop in Manly. If you are on a budget skateboard bearings are a good thing to save money on due to their short lifespan and we recommend investing in longer lasting parts like wheels or trucks. A cheaper skate bearing will also roll slower making it a little bit easier to learn how to skate and you can always replace the bearings as you progress on your skateboard.

Recommendations For Experienced Skateboarders | The age old skateboard question is Swiss bearings vs ceramic bearings and both have their benefits. Henrietta believes that Swiss bearings are generally the fastest bearings available on the market and that ceramic bearings are designed more for endurance as they handle higher heats and are more weather resistant. If you buy either of these bearings its a smart idea to clean your bearings every couple of months by removing the nylon cap, cleaning them with methylated spirits over night and then reapplying speed cream. If you buy a good set of skateboard bearings and take care of them you will roll faster for longer.

Brands We Love and Trust | Bones Reds skateboard bearings are one of the oldest and most respected bearing companies in the world. They were started by George Powell, co owner of the original Powell Peralta in the 1980's and have become the industry standard for skateboard bearings worldwide. They offer a range of around 4 price point bearings starting from as cheap as $29.95 RRP and as expensive as $249.95 RRP. 
Modus skateboards make bearings that follow the standard abec rating system so you you can be confident in the quality of the the parts you are buying. They offer more variety than bones in terms of pricing and start from as low as $19.95 RRP. Modus skateboards are also based in Perth so are a great alternative to bones if you want to support the Australian skateboard industry which Henrietta strongly encourages.