Skateboard Lessons

Skateboard Lessons For Kids

Beginner Skateboard Lessons | Henrietta learn't how to skate the hard way by making lots of mistakes and falling more often than she needed to. That's why when Henrietta opened her skate shop in Manly she decided to offer skateboard lessons. She offers them so you can learn how to skateboard or improve your skating in a controlled environment without going through the hardships of working it all out for yourself. A typical beginner lesson will involve learning how to push, turn and stop on your skateboard. All lessons include pads, helmets, skateboards and an experienced coach who will show you the do's and don't of the skating world.

Trick Skateboard Lessons | Henrietta offers trick flat ground and street skateboarding lessons so that you can learn tricks and get the skills you need to make your way to the skate park. Most lessons typically include learning how to do tricks like ollies, manuals, nose stalls, power slides and much more. We normally recommend having a beginner lesson before doing trick lessons to get the basics down before moving on to more difficult and complex things on your board.

Cruiser or Carver Skateboard Lessons | Taking a skateboard lesson on a cruiser or carver skateboard is a great way to learn how to skate in only a few sessions. We won't flood you with things to practice at home but we will help you make sure you have all the basics covered. If you are having trouble stopping, turning, pushing or carving we can help you develop your skills in a session or two.

Age Recommendations And Group Skateboard Classes | Henrietta offers group skateboard lessons for kids aged 5 years and older where your children can meet up with other kids who want to learn how to skate. The classes normally take place from 10-11am on Sundays however we extend the availability in summer to accomidate the increase demand. 

She also offers private lessons for one on one tutorials or for anyone who wants to make up their own group with friends. If your child is under the age of 5 years old we recommend a one on one 1/2 hour private lessons as this has proven to be the best format for younger children in the past.

Skateboard Lessons For Adults

Always wanted to learn how to skate but never got the chance as a kid? Henrietta's got you covered by offering skateboard lessons with the best coaches in Sydney and a seaside view of Manly beach. We offer a range of lessons for adults of any age and skill level so when booking your lesson let your coach know what you want to get out of your skating experience and they can custom design a class for your needs. Learning to skateboard as an adult can offer many benefits to mental well being and physical fitness as well as being a fun way to bring people together. Henrietta would highly recommend getting someone a skateboard lesson for Christmas and seeing the look of joy (and maybe surprise) when they work out what they are in for.


Bookings are essential for all classes to ensure we have a coach available for the time and date that suits you. Email for any private lesson inquiries. Alternatively, you can give us a call on 0498 390 092.