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Skateboard Decks | Henrietta came from a time when snapping decks meant paying checks. That time was long ago and now snapping decks means paying via paywave and a sense of regret that you didn't land bolts. With the rising cost of smashed avacadoes and Sydney's ever rising house prices Henrietta made a vow to only get good quality skateboard decks so that you can skate longer without having to whip the card out. Sadly nothing lasts forever.... but if you buy from Henrietta you know you are getting a good quality skateboard deck at a fair price.

Skateboard Deck Sizing | Normally a skateboard deck size is all about preference and what feels best for you. In saying that Henrietta has noticed some trends with sizing that may help you pick the right size skateboard for you especially if you haven't skateboarded in a while or are a beginner. For skateboarders under the age of 7 its normally best to get a "mini" or "mid" skateboard deck. The mini or mid deck size is normally narrower in width but also around 3/4 of the length of you standard 32" skateboard deck. For anyone older than 7 years old we recommend a full length skateboard and a width of 7.75" - 8.00" and for adults the best deck width is normally an 8.25" - 8.5" depending on preference and foot size.

Henrietta Skate Shop Decks | Henrietta skate shop decks are made from 7 peicies of pressed Canadian maple ply and are one of the nicest shaped boards available on the market right now. Henrietta searched far and wide to get the best quality decks so she could proudly distribute her skateboards through out Australia and after trialing countless samples landed on the wood we are currently using today. We can't give away too much as to where we get them from (because then everyone would be using them) but can say that you would have a hard time finding a better deck for a more reasonable price. Available in sizes 8.0", 8.25", 8.5" and 8.75". Check our Brands Page for more exciting graphics and seasonal design series.

Skateboard Deck Do's and Don't | The most important thing with your skateboard deck is to keep it dry. When skateboards get wet the wood gets water logged and loses a large amount of its pop making it harder to get those fresher tricks. The harder you skate the more likely you are of snapping your deck so its generally a good idea to land all your tricks bolts.... just saying. Another thing to consider is making sure that you have the right sized trucks to fit your deck. If you have a wide board with narrow trucks you will find that you are losing some potential stability from your ride. Your trucks should be the same size as the width of your board or slightly wider.

Brands We Think But Don't Guarantee Will Last You Longer

Passport, WKND, Palace Skateboards, Henrietta Skate, Creature, Real, Deathwish, Five Boro and Welcome Skateboards.