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Henrietta's Skate Hardware | Before Henrietta started her skateshop in Manly she was the worlds most tech Spanish guitarist and worked out that a lot of the time its the little things that make all the difference. Henrietta applied what she has learn't from all aspects of life to make sure that she offers good quality skateboard products no matter how boring or small they may be. After all it only takes the smallest rock in the skatepark to make you face plant.

Skateboard Griptape | Most skateboard trick decks are 32" long and anywhere from 7" to 8.75" wide. That's why your standard sheet of skateboard grip is 33" long and 9" wide meaning that 9/10 times it will fit your skateboard. If you ride a fun shaped branded skateboard like Welcome or if you ride a longboard you might need to look at other options for getting your skateboard gripped. The most common way to get a wider or longer griptape is by the roll which comes in either clear or black. You can alternatively get your grip sprayed on but as far as Henrietta knows there is nowhere in Sydney that offers that service at the moment. Another thing few things to consider when buying griptape is colour quality and coarseness. Normally the more black and less paint your grip has on it the better the quality. If you have extremely course griptape you will stick to your board better but it will be harder to do flip tricks and your shoes wont last as long.

Skateboard Bolts | Your standard set of skateboard bolts are 1" long and come in either Allen key or Phillips head styles. If you are using a riser pad or have a longboard that isn't made of 7 thin layers of ply you should consider using a larger set of hardware. For example if you were to have a normal skateboard with a 1/4" riser Henrietta recommends using 1.1/4" hardware for your set up. You know your skateboard is put together properly when your bolts stick slightly past the nylon seal of the nut when assembled. If the nut is shorter than the nylon shield your bolts will loosen over time and potentially come off. 

Skateboard Tools | You can get a range of skateboard tools that offer a range of different purposes. Your most important and used too would be a T Tool which is used to put your wheels on, tighten or loosen your trucks or put your skateboard trucks on your deck. This tool often comes with different add-ons including a re-threader used to fix broken truck axles or a bearing tool used to push bearings into your skateboard wheels. Henrietta will say that none of these tools can't be replaced with a normal tool kit however the shape and customised usage for a T tool will like you life easier. Another tool that is often used for skateboarding is a box cuter knife which is used to grip your skateboard. If your caught without one of these at the skatepark and need to grip your board you can also grip the skateboard first and then rub a hard object around the edges until the tape falls off. It might not look as pretty but it sure will work ;)

Brands Henrietta Uses | Universal Hardware, Bones Wheels, Mob Grip, Jessup Grip, Mini Logo, Thunder, Trinity and Orangatang.