Skateboard Trucks


Skateboard Trucks | Skateboard trucks are one of the most important parts on your skateboard. That's why Henrietta only stocks good quality trucks and avoids the cheap and nasty brands. A skateboard truck allows your board to turn, grind and the bearings to spin so the better quality the truck the better quality the skate. They are also the longest lasting part of a skateboard so if you get something good you have it for a long time. 

Standard Skateboard Trucks and Sizing | A pair of standard skateboard trucks tend to work best on trick skateboards and skateboards 9.5 inches wide or narrower. Traditionally they are low profile, stable, great for beginner skateboarders or anyone wanting extra stability on a board without compromising the deck length. When picking the right size truck for your skateboard you should place the truck on your skateboard and line up the four bolt holes. You know your truck is the right size if the length of the truck should is the same as the length of the deck or hangs over the edge by up to 5mm on each side. If you are ordering online and not at Henrietta's skate shop in Manly on Sydney's Northern Beaches check size guides at Thunder Skateboard Trucks Guide.

Reverse Kingpin Skateboard Trucks | Reverse kingpin trucks are ideal for someone using a bigger wheel as it lowers the risk of wheel bite and works best for someone who is cruiser focused. Its not the type of skateboard truck you take down to Manly bowl its more of a the type of skateboard truck you would use to rip up Manly Beach. Its also the main truck used for down hill and freestyle skating.

Surf Skate Skateboard Trucks | Henrietta sells a range of surf skate trucks that simulate surfing. The C7 Carver truck is a spring and pin mechanism truck which allows the front to swivel whereas The carver CX, C5 and Globe Revenge trucks all use alternative shapes and bushing to allow a surf style skateboard truck.  

Truck Height and Wheel Bite | If you don't know what wheel bite is it happens when you turn on our skateboard and your wheel digs into your deck and causes your skateboard to stop suddenly. The higher your truck is the less likely you are to get wheel bite. However the higher your truck is the less stable your board will be so its important to find the perfect size for your set up. Our general rule for standard trucks is that if you have a 54mm wheel or smaller you wont have to worry about wheel bite. If you have a bigger than 54mm wheel on a standard truck you should consider getting a riser pad and depending on how bigger your wheel should dictate the height of your riser pad. Most reverse kingpin trucks sit higher so unless you are using a wheel than 70mm you shouldn't have to worry about wheel bite or riser pads.

Brands We Love And Trust​ | Thunder Trucks, Independent Trucks and Paris Trucks.