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Skate Shoes | Traditionally made out suede or reinforced canvas skate shoes are made to last longer against the harsh griptape of the skate deck. They come in a variety of designs offering more board control, a longer lasting shoe, or to soften the impact of doing tricks. Henrietta also recommends slapping some shoe goo onto those shoes once they start to get thrasher so they last longer.

Suede Skate Shoes | Since the 70's skateboarders have been using suede shoes for skateboartding because they offer a durability that most other materals don't. Not only does suede offer you extra protection against the course griptape of your skateboard but the texture is also arguably the best for doing tricks.

Canvas Skate Shoes | Canvas skate shoes offer a great texture that makes flip tricks feel great and offer a responsiveness that other materials don't. Thats one of the factores that made Vans such a popular skate shoe company since the beginning of  the skateboarding industry. Canvas skate shoes are great to skate in but do not offer very much durability so for regular skateboarders they are not normally recomended unless they are reinforced with another material like the New Balance Numeric 212 model skate shoe.

Brands We Love and Trust | New Balance (Numeric) and Lakai