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Cruisers & Longboards | Cruisers and Longboards are made for the joy of skating. They offer a smooth, fast ride so you can go further for less effort. Ideal for getting around town or for chilling up and down the beach front. Henrietta however likes to take these skateboards down massive hills and do a bit of freestyle skating on the way down. Do like Henrietta does or you do you. Either way enjoy the ride.

Skateboard Deck Size and Shape | When picking a cruiser or long board skateboard getting the right size of deck is important. The longer your skateboard is the more stable your skate will be and the shorter your board the tighter your turning circle. Henrietta normally recommends getting a long board around 37" long and a cruiser around 30" long but normally size is based on taste and experience level. Also if you get a short skateboard cruiser with a kick at the back you will be able to tick tack turn increasing your ability to turn sharply which is normally ideal for intermediate skaters or people using their skateboard for commuting.  

Skateboard Wheel Size and Shape | Most cruisers have a soft skateboard wheel with a size range between 60mm and 80mm. When picking your skateboard wheel size just keep in mind that the bigger your wheel the faster and smoother your skate will be but with every step in size you go bigger you will have a higher center of gravity and therefore will lose stability. The only way to avoid this is by getting a drop down or drop through deck which are traditionally used for racing or freestyle skating but can be used for normal skating also. The other things to consider for your longboard wheels purchase is wheel hardness shape and finish. Harder wheels with a pre-worn finish will be the best for style for a fast well sliding ride and a soft tube shaped wheel will be smoother and stickier at high speeds. Most cruiser or long board wheels have a hardness range of 78a to 85a depending on brand and make.

Skateboard Cruiser Trucks | In skateboarding the two most common trucks for cruisers or longboards are standard and reverse kingpin. Standard trucks are normally synonymous with a more stable ride whereas reverse kingpin trucks tend to offer a sharper turning radius with less wheel bite. Skateboard trucks are one of the longest lasting parts of your skateboard so Henrietta recommends getting good quality because if you buy one good pair you probably will never have to buy another pair again. Another style of truck that is gaining in popularity is the spring swivel truck which is the most agile truck mainly used on surf skate cruisers. These trucks allow you to generate speed without pushing which feels very similar to pumping on a wave. Whichever skateboard trucks you end up choosing its a good idea to keep them tight when learning and to slowly loosen them over time to allow your board to turn more and more as you progress.

Brands Henrietta Sells At Her Skate Shop In Manly | Arbor, Z-flex, Drifter, Globe, Landyachtz and Loaded, Carver.