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Skateboard Wheels | When Henrietta was a little girl her parents bought her a cheap skateboard that had plastic wheels on it. All she ever wanted was to be Sydney's best bowl skater but as hard as she tried the skateboard never seemed to get any sort of speed so she gave up. Years later when she moved to Manly on Sydney's Northern Beaches she borrowed a skateboard off a backpacker and instantly became one of the best skaters in town because of the smooth and easy to push wheels. That's why at Henrietta's skate shop in Manly she only sells proper Polyurethane wheels to make sure every little skater gets a proper chance to become part of Australia's best.

Skateboard Wheel Hardness | As a generalization the harder your skateboard the wheels the better for grinding and sliding. Hard wheels will also normally go faster on smoother surfaces making them perfect for trick skateboards. If you are only interested in cruising on your skateboard Henrietta recommends getting a softer compound wheel which will absorb vibrations and allow for a smoother ride on rough surfaces. A 101a durometer wheel is considered to be very hard and is the most popular trick skateboard hardness while a 78a duro wheel is considered to be the softest cruiser wheel hardness.

Skateboard Wheel Size | Without considering other factors such as bearing quality and wheel hardness the bigger your skateboard wheel is the faster it will go and the easier it will roll over bumps and cracks. For people riding cruiser skateboards and longboards Henrietta recommends a 60mm-70mm to allow for a fast and comfortable skate. The only down side to having a big wheel is that you will be higher off the ground therefore making the board less stable. For that reason most trick skateboards use a much smaller wheel so that you have a lower center of gravity making tricks easier.  For skateboarders doing street style skating Henrietta recommends a 51mm-54mm wheel whereas if you are more transition focused she recommends a 55mm-58mm wheel. 

Skateboard Wheel Shape | There are huge amount of skateboard wheel shapes to consider when picking your skateboard wheels. For longboards or cruisers normally you would be picking between a rounded edge and tube shaped wheel. A rounded edge will allow your skateboard to slide whereas a tube shaped wheel offers more grip. In general the wider your wheel is the more surface contact you will have to a wider wheel will be smoother but less slippery. With trick wheels normally the best skateboard wheel brands Spitfire and Bones offer their urethane in a classic or conical shape depending on whether your are more focused on park or street skating. For more information please check Spitfire Formula Four Skateboard Wheels Guide or contact us at . 

Best Wheels For Beginner Skateboards | Picking the right wheel for a beginner skateboard comes down to what you want to use your skateboard for and what you see yourself doing in the future. If all you want to do on your skateboard is tricks you are best off with a small hard wheel. If you want to get around on your skateboard but also go to a local skate park like Manly bowl then maybe a small, soft wheel is the right choice. If all your interested in doing is riding along Manly beach front then maybe a big soft wheel is best. Just keep in mind the bigger the wheel the faster and less stable the ride so when starting out try and go for the smaller option in each category and work your way up.

Brands We Love And Trust | Spitfire, Bones, Four Skateboards, Orangatang, Hawgs and Almost Wheels.