Surfskate | If you like skating and surfing then a surf skate is the perfect skateboard for you. Surf skates normally use specially designed truck technology that allows your skateboards front truck to swivel or gyrate back and forth giving you a carving like motion which feels similar to doing a cut back on a wave. We have noticed at our skate shop in Sydney that surfboard simulators are always gaining in popularity for surfers that want to expand their surf training methods. Surf skates are one of the best ways to improve your surfing when the surf isn't any good. You can also use these skateboards to self generate speed.

Yow Surfskates | The Yow Surfskates come with an extremely loose and smooth swiveling front truck. This truck can be fixed with a bolt turning it into a normal skateboarding truck. This company originated in Spain and is now Europes most popular surf training product. The come with several version trucks including the S4 and S5 models which are ideal for a variety of surfers and skaters.

Carver C7 Skate Surf Trucks | The Carver C7 skateboard truck is Carvers most popular and original surf skate truck. It has a spring and pin mechanism that allows the front wheels to swivel back and forth making it feel as though the board is on a wave. The C7 is the loosest model truck out of Carvers skateboard trucks range but is still stiff and solid enough to offer enough traction to generate a good top speed. Here at Henrietta skate the Carver C7 truck is the only swivel truck that we are confident is strong enough too last the constant swivel pressure of surf skating. Our management have sold many other surf skate brands on Sydney's Northern Beaches over the past 10 years and have found the C7 to be the top pick in terms of swivel technology.

Carver CX Skate Surf Trucks | The CX truck is Carver skateboards most versatile and low maintenance surf trainer truck. It feels slightly less responsive then the C7 truck but offers and range of benefits that make it a good option to consider. Carvers CX trucks are muti-directional allowing you to ride forwards and backwards and also have less complicated parts than the C7 making it less likely to need maintenance and easier to repair if needed. Another benefit to the carver CX having less complicated parts means that they are generally cheaper than other surf skate trucks.

Carver C5 Skate Surf Trucks | The carver skateboards C5 truck is essentially a CX truck with a lower profile. This type of surf skateboard truck is ideal for anyone who wants to ride with a smaller wheel and is focused more on tricks, bowl are park skating. The C5 allows you to skate on a skateboard with the versatility of a trick skateboard and the loose truck feeling of a traditional surf skateboard. So if you want to skate from Manly beach down to Manly skate park and get some multi-transitional surf training around Manly bowl this might just be the truck for you.

Penny, Z Flex And The Waterbourne Truck Converter | Waterbourne have created a truck converter that allows you to use any type of skateboard and turn it into a surf trainer. The Waterbourne converter system is similar to the Carver CX truck in the sense that it avoids using the spring and swivel system for its trucks. In this sense the Waterbourne surfskate truck adapters are really strong but differ from the CX because they have a very loose feel.

Globe Revenge Truck | The globe revenge skateboard truck is a good choice truck for either someone who wants more of a hybrid style board that can also be relatively stable for normal cursing. It has a good turning radius, quick rebound speed and locking mechanism to minimize wheel bite.

Surfskates Online | Check out our range of surfskates for sale online with shipping available Australia wide. If you have any questions or need any advice with your decision please contact us at Shipping normally takes a few business days to arrive.

Surfskates For Sale Sydney | Are you trying to find out which surfskate is the best for you? We have a range of surfskates for sale in Sydney at our skate shop so you can pop in and talk to the experts and we can help you find the right option for you.

Brands We Love And Trust | Carver, Triton, Penny, Z Flex and Globe Revenge.