Skateboard Rentals


Skateboard Hire | At Henrietta Skate we have a range of skateboards for hire. We rent trick skateboards which are perfect for taking to Manly skate park, cruisers which you can use along Manly Beach bike tracks and Carvers which are perfect for surf training when the conditions in the water are no good. The skateboards we rent are always in good condition and we often sell our rental skateboards so if there's one you love you don't have to leave it behind. We offer pads and helmets for skateboard hires but they are not required by law.

Best Skateboards To Hire For Beginners And Where To Go | Similar to as with surfing the bigger your skateboard is the easier it is to ride. So if you are borrowing a skateboard for the first time and you are going to cruise around Manly, Henrietta recommends getting a long board for a stable smooth skate. If you can already skate pretty well but want to use your skateboard to get around Sydney maybe grab yourself a cruiser. If you are wanting to do street skating or making your way down to Manly skate park we recommend a 32 inch trick skateboard. We offer trick skateboards in a range of widths so whatever you are used to or feel comfortable on we have you covered.

Our Location And Hire Pick Ups | Our address is Shop 2, 49-53 N Steyne, Manly, NSW, 2095. We are located next to Manly Surfboard Rentals so get in the water when the surfs good and skate along the beach when it isn't. If you are still having trouble finding us when you hop off the ferry go straight through Manly Corso until you get to the beach and turn left. You should see our sign before you get to the next block. All skateboards are to be picked up and dropped off from our storefront.

Bookings and Contact | No bookings are required for bike rentals or skateboard hire however we would recommend making a booking if you are considering renting a carver skateboard as they are very popular. Not many places rent the surf training style skateboards and we are lucky enough to have a small range to offer customers. If you have any questions please contact us via email at or call us on 0498 390 092.

Henrietta Skate Shop 2, 49-53 N Steyne, Manly, 2095.