Henrietta's Skate Helmet Story | After Henrietta had become the worlds best skater she figured there was no point wearing a helmet any more. After all when you can do backside 900's on flat every time what are the chances of falling over on your skateboard? As Henrietta soon found out even the best skateboards can stack it if they aren't paying attention. In 2019 Henrietta was texting her friend to meet her at Manly Skatepark whilst also eating a kebab recently purchased from Manly kebabs. As she was cruising down the road a seagull swooped her suddenly causing her to drop her kebab in front of her skateboard wheels causing her skateboard to stop abruptly and sending her into Manly lagoon. She awoke hours later being pashed by an off duty life guard named chad who had the breath of moldy sardines. From that moment onward Henrietta decided to not only wear certified skate helmets but to sell them at her skateshop in Sydney. 

Skate Only Helmets | By skate only what is really meant is that the helmet is not certified. It doesn't mean you can't use the helmet for other roller sports such as Rollerblading, Rollerskating, Roller Derby, Roller Legs and Rolling Down A Big Hill For Fun. Essentially what it does mean is that you will have a comfortable size adjustable helmet that is designed for lots of small to medium sized impacts at the skate park or while skating down the street. Normally Skate Only Helmets are also very difficult to break as they tend to flex instead of crack. Because when skateboarding you are most likely to hit the back of your head a good skate helmet doesn't use a crank to adjust the size. If you need to adjust your skate helmet size you can get other sized liners to make your helmet shell fit.

Road Certified Skate Helmets | Road certified skate helmets are designed for one or two major impacts and then will break taking the brunt of the impact so your head doesn't have to. Like the Skate Only Helmets the certified skate helmets adjust size via changing the liner inserts making them a comfortable and custom fit. Traditionally road certified helmets were made for cyclist but have branched out to skateboarding as skaters take tricks to further extremes. Although there is no law enforcing helmets for skateboarding it is NSW law that if you are riding a cycle or bike you are required to wear an Australian Standard Certified Helmet.

Skate Helmets Rounded Shape | Both types of Helmets Henrietta sells at her skateshop use a rounded skate shape. This offers you more protection against falling in multiple directions. The normally sit lower than standard bike helmets and don't use a crank at the bake to change size making it safer to fall backwards. The only reason not all certified helmets are this shape is that although the design is more protective it is less aerodynamic.

Cruise in to Henrietta Skate To Get Fitted For One Of These Model Helmets | S-One Lifer Helmet, S- One Mini Lifer Helmet and the Y Not Classic Skate Helmet.