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Skateboard Protection | Henrietta reckons it's a good idea to make sure you have protection while skateboarding. Whether you are happy to sport a minimum of proper skate shoes, or you want wrist guards, elbow guards, knee guards, a helmet and bubble rap is up to you, but she thinks it's important to make sure you are covered so you can skate harder for longer. We sell a range of products offering different levels of protection and flexibility at our skate shop in Manly on Sydney's sunny Northern Beaches.

Helmets | Henrietta's skate shop in Manly sells two types of skateboard helmets. They sell road certified helmets which are covered by the Australian cyclist standard making them ideal for skateboarding, bikes or any sport where there is a chance for a major impact. Certified helmets offer the most protection but they are designed for one or two major impacts before breaking and needing a replacement. The other type of helmet stocked at Henrietta Skate is your classic skate only helmet. Skate only doesn't mean you can't use the helmet for other roller sports like rollerblades, rollerskates, handstands or back flips but what it does mean it that the helmet is not designed for high speed or heavy impact crashes. The helmet is very flexible and normally best suited for skateparks as they can receive lots of impacts without breaking.

Wrist Guards | As Henrietta knows the most likely thing that you are going to receive a major injury on while skateboarding is a broken wrist. She learnt this the hard way when she attempted the worlds first superman 900 in 2005 and broke both her wrists causing her to have to quite skateboarding for a year. Wearing wrist guards will lower your risk of a broken wrist and if you are only going ot wear one set of pads will recommend you wear a set of them. 

Knee Pads | If you are in the bowl, skatepark or doing any type of big transition skateboarding you might want to consider getting yourself a set of skateboard knee guards. The idea between having a good set of knee guards is that if you learn how to fall correctly and slide down the skate ramp you can go for bigger grinds and bigger airs with a much lower risk of hurting yourself. You can also buy street skateboarding pads which are normally much thinner and offer more agility. One thing to keep in mind when choosing a set of knee guards is that in general the more protection the pads offer the less mobility you will have. So try and pick a set of knee guards that fits your ability.

Elbow Guards | If wrist guards are covering the most vulnerble part of your body and knee guards are teaching you how to fall safely when your in trouble then elbow guards are your insurance against wild card falls. Often when you hit your elbow you were not expecting it at all and suddenly wish you had something to cushion the blow. Like with knee pads your elbow guards come in different levels of protection and we normally recommend a thin pad just as a bit of insurance.

Brands We Love and Trust | Protec, 187 Killer, TSG, Y-Not and Urban Skater.