Trick Skateboards Sydney.


Skateboard Completes | Have you ever tried skating without any wheels, bearings trucks or hardware? Well I have and its called surfing. Henrietta don't surf though Henrietta skates. Make sure you get the whole package before hitting the streets. You can do this by buying your parts in pieces and setting up your custom skateboard or just grabbing one from our the completes section which offers you a good quality product for a cheaper price.

Beginner Completes | When picking your first skateboard there are a few rules to consider to make sure you get the right board for you. Firstly you should try and work out what type of skating you want to do with your skateboard. If you want to eventually learn tricks and go to the skatepark then you will need a trick board, if you want to have a faster, smoother and more silent skateboard a cruiser is probably your pick and if you want something for surf training a surfskate will work best. When considering skateboards for kids Henrietta thinks that the best age to start is from 5 years and older. Shes seen kids start skating from as young as 3 years old but just know that it will take more time and commitment for you to teach them.

Cruisers and Longboard | When picking your cruiser try and pick a size appropriate to your skill level. Like with surfing the bigger the board is the more stable it will be and the smaller it is the more agile. Another thing to consider when picking your skateboard is wheel size and hardness. The bigger your wheel the faster your skateboard will go and the smaller the wheel the lower and more stable your ride will be. If you pick a harder skateboard wheel you will find sliding will be easier and with a softer wheel your skateboard will have a smoother ride and you will be able to roll over jumps and cracks better. If you are looking for a cruiser skateboard head over to our cruisers section

Trick Skateboards | There are a lot of variables when it comes to picking your first trick skateboard. The first thing to try and get right is truck and deck size. The wider your skateboard is the more stable it will feel and the narrower your skateboard the lighter it will be. Traditionally if you are skating street (flips, stairs, grinds etc...) you will be on a narrower skateboard then if you skate transition ( ramps, bowls etc..). Henrietta's rough guide for sizing is 3-7 year old skaters use a 'mini', 8-12 ride a 7.75" to 8.0" and adults ride 8.25" to 8.5" wide deck. Make sure your trucks fit the exact width of the skateboard or over hang slightly to maximize stability. Last but not least when picking your trick skateboard wheels you should pick a hard (99-101a) small wheel to allow you the grind and slide. If your not sure which brand or model to buy Henrietta higher recommend Spitfire Formula Four for street skaters and Bones SPF for transition riders.

Surfskate | If the waves are no good jump on a surfskate skateboard to have a ride that simulates surfing and will improve your overall surfing skills. Henrietta knows there are a lot of companies selling inferior surf skate products so she focuses on only stocking the best quality and longest lasting products. She stocks Carver which is the original surf skateboard, Globe boards with their signature Revenge trucks and the Waterbourne range from Penny and Z-Flex. In terms of the most similar feeling to surfing the Carver C7 skateboard range is the best but it is the most expensive with RRP around $475. Carver's CX truck is their latest and most versatile truck and is the best value range they offer with prices starting as low as $299.95. For more information and prices head to our Surf Trainer page

Brands Henrietta Skates | Arbor, Anti-hero, Almost, Welcome, RealCarver, Z-Flex and heaps more.