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Vintage Clothes | Everyone knows that Henrietta skates but its a surprise to some that her Sydney based skate shop also sells a variety of vintage clothing and apparel. Henrietta built her skateboard and vintage clothing store on Manly's iconic beach front where Skater HQ Manly previously existed. She noticed that most of Sydney's skaters were wearing vintage sportswear instead of traditional skateboard branded clothing so she decided to give the people what they want and open a shop that sells both. She focuses on selling good quality vintage 90's and 00's sports wear along with Harley Davidson tee shirts and a range of Disney products.

Vintage Jackets | Henrietta's vintage clothing store offers an range of jackets and windbreakers in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes. Henrietta's most popular style of jacket is 90's coloured windbreakers produced by one of the four major Iconic sportswear brands Nike, Adidas, Fila and Reebok. As well as windbreakers Henrietta gets in denim jackets, branded cardigans, vintage raincoats and sweatshirts made by a range of companies including Polo Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger. For the full range of colours and options head on in to see Henrietta at her skate shop in Manly on Sydney's Northern Beaches.

Vintage Tee Shirts | Henrietta's vintage tee shirts change from week to week as she hand picks them from a range of distributors around Australia, the USA and Europe. She carries a large range of Harley Davidson tee shirts in different colours and sizes, iconic rock band shirts and cigarette advertising shirts bringing an urban edge to Sydney's Northern Beaches. She also has for sale classic vintage tee brands like Coca Cola, Olympics Merchandise, Nike, Adidas, Umero and Reebok. If you want a shirt with a little bit more character and have less of a chance to be caught out wearing the same shirt as your mate cruise down to Henrietta's in Manly and check out our range.

Vintage Clothing Sustainability | By wearing a once loved item of clothing you are lowering the waste created by fast fashion outlets and supporting a growing industry that will hopefully give the world a chance at getting back to being healthy. Henrietta Skates sells vintage clothes because they are trendy and it seems like a good alternative to letting all of the stylish apparel of old go to waste. We are also looking at producing our in House merchandise on vintage blank tee's and jumpers making each one unique and sustainability conscious. Our shirts also get screen printed by hand supporting Manly's local business.

Brands And Styles We Love and Trust | Disney - Mickey Mouse jumpers, denim jackets, official merchandise and tee shirts. Harley Davidson - branded location specific tee shirts from American located stores. Polo Ralph Lauren sweatshirts, tee shirts golf wear and jumpers. Tommy Hilfiger - Jumpers, sweaters and tees. Fila - Shirts and windbreakers. Umbro - Tee's and windbreakers. Adidas - Jackets, windbreakers, tee shirts and raincoats. Band Official merchandise - Slayer, Motor-head, Marilyn Manson and The Grateful Dead. Olympics Merchandise - Dated tee shirts. Cigarette and Drinks Merchandise - Coca Cola and Marlboro shirts.