Penny Skateboards


About The Brand - Penny Skateboards was established in 2010 and become an Australian Icon in the skateboarding community. The original design was a 22" plastic deck with soft cruiser wheels and a pair of 4 inch truck. After expanding on the world market as one of the most portable skateboards Penny skateboards started expanding to a range of different sizes and styles. All the Penny branded boards use a deck with a perforated top making them solid against all types of weather and the elements.

The Original 22" - The Original Penny board is incredibly portable but the most difficult of all the Penny skateboards to learn on.

The Nickel 27" - The Nickel skateboard is great for cruising and is most ideal for adults who can already skate or kids starting out.

Surfskates 29" - The Penny highline series are a surfskates that can also convert into a normal cruiser. Ideal for confident surfers or skaters or kids.

Trick Hybrids 32" - The hybrid series from penny are the perfect board to learn tricks and cruise. They come with a softer wheel then most trick boards allowing a smoother and faster ride.

Assorted Longboards - Penny have brought a series of longboards that make skating easier and more stable.