new balance numeric


New Balance was founded in 1906 by William J. Riley and has continued to make great quality purpose driven shoes since then. Although they are know for their sneakers and basket ball shoes here is no range of shoes where this sentiment is more previlant than with the New Balance skate shoe range know as New Balance Numeric. The Numeric range offers great quality skateboard shoes keeping the purpose of skateboarding in mind for every step of production. The team behind Numeric know the importance of having a long lasting skate shoe with inner sole comfort, flexability and general foot support making you more confident to peform to the best of your abilities while skateboarding. 

Shoe Specs: In the following section your going to get a small rundown on a few of New Balance Numeric skate shoe specs for their more popular or impressive models. That doesn't mean that any model not mentioned this section isn't as good it just means that we are focusing on the models that have been tried and tested and are Henrietta's top pick list.

New Balance Skate Shoe Team Riders:

Jamie Foy:

Jake Hayes: