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New Balance was founded in 1906 by William J. Riley and has continued to make great quality purpose driven shoes since then. Although they are know for their sneakers and basket ball shoes here is no range of shoes where this sentiment is more prevalent than with the New Balance skate shoe range know as New Balance Numeric. The Numeric range offers great quality skateboard shoes keeping the purpose of skateboarding in mind for every step of production. The team behind Numeric know the importance of having a long lasting skate shoe with inner sole comfort, flexibility and general foot support making you more confident to perform to the best of your abilities while skateboarding. 

New Balance Numeric Models

Shoe Specs: When it comes to getting New Balance skate shoes in Manly on Sydney's Northern Beaches Henrietta has you covered. In the following section your going to get a small rundown on a few of New Balance Numeric skate shoe specs for their more popular or impressive models. That doesn't mean that any model not mentioned in this section are not as good it just means that we are focusing on the models that have been tried and tested and are on Henrietta's top pick list.

New Balance Numeric 306: Jamie Foy's Pro Model shoe is designed to withstand the power and destructive nature of big boy foy's skating style. The 306 has been know for its stylish colour flashes along the side of the shoe which little skaters realize is a reinforced rubber making this skate shoe one of the most durable and longest lasting skate shoes around. This skate shoe is not only made for durability but also for comfort and control with a vulcanized outsole and a molded EVA insole.

New Balance Numeric 255: The New Balance 255 is the staple shoe for the Numeric range and has a simple but well made design. The 255 is a suede skate shoe that comes with a vulcanized Cup, an improved collar shape and Hexsole for flexibility and comfort. These skate shoes often also come with Ndurance or a true gum sole for a longer lasting skate shoe.

New Balance Numeric 379: The New Balance Numeric 379 is arguably one of the strongest and most improved skate shoes available locally in Sydney, Australia or internationally right now. It was rebuilt out of the ashes of NB345 and is a low but well designed shoe with plenty of bonus features kept out of sight. Like the 306 the 379 has an extra layer of protection however in the case of the 379 it is hidden under the tough suede exterior. The 379 also uses an elastic perforated tongue so you can get a tighter fit without losing any comfort.

New Balance Numeric 288: The New Balance Numeric 288 is leading the way in skate shoe technology. It takes the things you need in a good quality skate show like endurance and flexibility but adds support, weight reduction and board control making it a true pleasure to skate in. The skate shoe itself features a sock like collar holding your foot in place and an improved tread making you more comfident to hit bigger tricks with your skating.

New Balance Skate Shoe Team Riders:

Jamie Foy: Jamie Foy and his New Balance Numeric pro model shoe the 306 have become increasing popular and respected in the skateboard community. Since winning his first major win in 2014 for Tampa Am's best trick he has risen to the height of the skateboarding world by winning thrashers pro skater of the year in 2017. He rides for a series of sponsors including infamous Shake Junt, Red Bull, Dickies, Spitfire Wheels and Thunder Trucks. He went pro for deathwish in 2017 following the release of Deathwish Part one featuring Foy and Australia's own Jake Hayes. Check out Jamie Foy's promo release for the Numeric skate shoes 306 here Jamie Foy's "306" part.

Jake Hayes: Hayes is one of Australia's most celebrated skateboarders and like Jamie Foy, is also sponsered by Deathwish. He released a pro model colour way of the New Balance Numeric 379 in 2019 with other members of the New Balance skate team including Tom Karangleov, Flo Mirtain and Maruis Syvanen. Hayes's New Balance Numeric colour way was a brown with a brown sole however the release also included a black, green and yellow colourway. Check out the New Balance in Australia 379 promotional video here.